4oz Whipped Raw Shea Butter, Infused with elderflower extraction, and 100mg CBD isolate per oz & garnished with a mystery crystal!

Ingredients: *Raw Shea butter, *Elderfower Extract (*elderflower, *jojoba oil, *rose hip oil), *MCT oil, CBD isolate.


What is it good for, you ask?

This Shea butter is whipped, but still unrefined & raw which is arguably one of the best topical treatments for skin conditions such a eczema & psoriasis. Providing relief from itching & peeling skin. Great for dry hands, feet, and joints! Can be used as a deep conditioning hair treatment, cuticle cream, on your lips, and so much more!

Elderflower is great for anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties! Reduces pain and swelling in joints from arthritis, and is Proven to kill many common hospital pathogens including staph & MRSA.

The Elderflowers are extracted in a mixture of jojoba & rose hip oil. These oils are both deeply hydrating, boosts collagen, reduces inflammation, reduces hyperpigmentation, brightens skin, softens wrinkles, and protects against sun damage.

Also Naturally SPF of 6-10.

Andddd, of course the list of benefits for CBD. If you aren’t familiar with the benifits of CBD, please join Humble Roots Collective VIP group of Facebook for all the details!

Basically a power-packed tin of healing for all skin types. No essential oils were added, it has a light, nutty & slightly sweet scent!

Whipped CBD & Elderflower Raw Shea Butter