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Herbal Elderberry Tonic

When you shop here you support a family & a dream! 

Hi, I’m Sara Autumn-Breeze, the founder and creator behind the scenes here at H.E.T.


Growing up in the Pacific North West, with ocean on one side and towering ancient redwoods to the other, I’ve always been captivated by nature and its powerful healing presence. I have a passion for herbalism and sustainable solutions.

I'm just a mindful mama with ambition to spread the word about the magic of elderberry & help others through nature's medicine cabinet full of tonics, tinctures, and more! 

Do you know all about natural healing & the many ways we can support our bodies?

I'm on a mission to create honest & fun relationships with my customers, all the while providing knowledge to empower you with natural wellness and quality organic hand-crafted products that are kind to the planet and your wallet! Win-win!

You will FEEL the intention in every order, and gain the knowledge & tools to keep your family healthy and well from colds, flus, allergies and beyond! To learn more, you can follow the link & join our Facebook group!

The BIG fuss about these LITTLE berries!

 This age-old berry has been used for centuries as a remedy for a long list of ailments & as preventative care! The powerful punch of elderberry is combined  with other tasty and immune supporting herbs for a deliciously sweet and fruity product. The whole family will love getting their regular dose of H.E.T.! 


Benefits of Elderberry include:

• Cuts cold & flu symptoms, and duration of illness by up to 40%

•Strengthens the immune system 

•Disables a variety of viruses

•Reduces inflammation 

•Eliminates constipation

•Reduces blood pressure and helps manage diabetes

•Promotes bone growth & strengthens bones

•Reduces risk of respiratory & sinus infections

•Helps reduce asthma symptoms


....and it doesn’t stop there! 


•Eliminates excess cholesterol  

•Boosts metabolism

•Lowers blood sugar

•Promotes healthy skin

•Natural diuretic

•Supports heart health

•Aids digestion

•Supports nerve health

•Improves cognitive function and memory



Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, didn’t call elderberry “Nature’s Medicine Chest” for nothing! There’s so much to be passionate about when it comes to this delicious & highly nutritious berry! 



Herbal Elderberry Tonic is more than just an amazing berry product. Integrity is important, so I’m  sourcing organic, sustainable ingredients & maintaining a positive atmosphere. To insure these products are of the highest possible vibrational frequency, intentions, affirmations, uplifting music, and reiki energy is used during the entire process!  For the greatest good of the collective with every small handcrafted batch that is made. Infused with love and dedication to health and well-being for all!

This is the one nourishing blend of herbs & Elderberries you don’t want to be without.

Feel better, faster, with Herbal Elderberry Tonic & keep your immune system #BerryStrong ! 


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